The GrEco Project

The GrEco project aims at promoting academic researches on Lord William Wyndham Grenville’s economic thought. Since, at the start of the project, most of his economic writings are unpublished, a first task consists in locating, dating, transcribing and publishing Lord Grenville’s economic works and correspondence. Initially, this material will be published online on the GrEco Project website. However, one ambition of the project is to produce a paper edition of Lord Grenville’s economic writings. The corpus thus gathered and made available to researchers is intended to feed into a regular seminar which will allow scholars interested in the project to discuss their respective researches. Grenville’s role in institutionalizing political economy, both in British Parliament and in Oxford University, the  numerous exchanges he had with the economists of his time and the diversity of the issues raised in his economic writings, should allow a significant number of researchers to take part in the project. Without claiming to be exhaustive, these issues include: the theories of value, of population, of wages, of the accumulation of capital, international trade, the corn laws, the poor laws, the convertibility of currencies, the financing of the public debt, the slave trade, the method of political economy, the links between economy and politics and between economy and religion, the training of civilian employees of the British East India Company, or political economy as an academic discipline.